Cybertruck: Tesla unveils its futuristic bullet-proof pickup, but the windows break during the demonstration

Tesla unveiled its new all-terrain vehicle, the "Cybertruck", which has  some unexpected features, such as bullet-proof windows. However, during the demonstration, the glass panes were broken.

The bullet-proof windows of the Tesla pickup broke during the official presentation of the vehicle. Indeed, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's first "Cybertruck", but the demonstration of solidity did not go as planned: during the event, the "bulletproof" windows of the Cybertruck were simply destroyed by a projectile test.

This futuristic armored vehicle, inspired by the worlds of Blade Runner and Cyberpunk, costs an entry-level $ 39,900 USD and aimed at the traditional car manufacturers in Detroit, proving that Tesla could manufacture a credible electric version of the preferred vehicle of Americans, the pickup.

Discover the Tesla Cybertruck 

In a series of demonstrations led by Musk, Tesla staff wanted to demonstrate the strength of the vehicle with tests involving hammers, a simulation of a 9mm bullet strike and heavy metal balls. " We created an exoskeleton, " said Musk during the test. "  The vehicle is literally bullet proof, for a handgun with 9mm bullets  ," he added.

Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer of Tesla, "asked" Musk if he could throw a projectile (ball) metal against the glass of the vehicle. That's where the glass broke ... " Oh my god, ****,  " exclaimed Musk. "  Maybe it was a little too hard ...", he added.

Elon Musk unveils Tesla's first electric pickup, named Cybertruck. Credits: Tesla / Reuters

Von Holzhausen then suggested that he try again, against a second window. " Try on this one? Really ? Asked Musk, moments before the rear window was also broken. "  The metal ball did not go through the window at least, that's positive,  " he added, stunned.

Musk, who sees this vehicle as a "  very futuristic pick-up at the Cyberpunk or Blade Runner  ", tried to alleviate the situation of the incident by making a joke: "  Ah, it's not bad, it still remains the possibility of making improvements  ".

Before the incident happened, spectators of the event were treated to entertainment on the theme of electricity, actors in cyberpunk costumes and stalls selling noodles (a theme of the film Blade Runner).

During the presentation of the vehicle, the windows break  

Tesla also said the production of the Cybertruck should begin by the end of 2021. This leaves time for the company to solve the problem of bulletproof glass ... Also note that Musk has previously tweeted that the design of the Cybertruck was partly influenced by the Lotus Esprit sports car, which served as a submarine in the 1970s, in the famous James Bond movie, " The Spy Who Loved Me  ".

We will see by then how Tesla will manage the improvement of the Cybertruck. With this vehicle, this is the automaker's first foray into the pickup truck, a market dominated by the Ford F-150 and its competitors General and Fiat Chrysler.

Although the demonstration was unconvincing, it did not stop the public from rushing on the vehicle. According to Musk, more than 146,000 pre-orders have already been registered. Note that only 17% would have reserved the entry-level version at 39,900 USD (single propulsion), 42% would have reserved the two-engine version (49'900 USD), and 41% the most expensive version (with three engines) capable of towing up to 7 tons, at a price of 69'900 USD.


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