SpaceX launches its online space launch reservation service. Prices start at a million dollars…

SpaceX has launched a new online booking tool. The service, already announced last year by the company, plans to mainly operate the most successful launcher so far, the Falcon 9. The prices for the “space carpooling” services that SpaceX offers on its website start at 1 million dollars for payloads up to 200 kg, with an additional cost of 10,000 dollars per additional kg.

The selection tool asks to specify the desired orbit (synchronous with the Sun, low Earth or polar) as well as the minimum date of preparation (ie the closest at which the payload can be ready). The first dates proposed are in June 2020. The total mass of the load must then be entered in order to obtain an estimate of the cost.

We then access a series of screens where it is possible to add a 15 or 24 inch port if necessary (which largely depends on the volume and mass), as well as to choose the specific rocket on which one wishes to book the flight (from scheduled missions to come).

Home screen of the online booking tool. Credits: SpaceX

Other options include accessories such as port adapters to meet the standard dimensions used by SpaceX, as well as a separation system provided by SpaceX, with on-site fueling options if the spacecraft being dispatched has its own propulsion system. Insurance covering a maximum value of $ 2 million is also offered.

Credits: SpaceX

An instant booking tool

It is important to note that this is not just a simple lead generation form. In fact, once all the options have been selected and it is confirmed that you are not subject to any action or restriction on international arms trafficking (ITAR) imposed by the United States government, the system requests a number credit card to instantly deposit $ 5,000 as a deposit. The rest of the payment can then be made in three installments, after confirmation of the acceptance of your request by SpaceX.

A user guide, which provides more details on the program, including technical requirements, details on environmental testing, legal considerations and much more, is also available online.

Credits: SpaceX

Credits: SpaceX

This reservation system clearly shows how SpaceX is revolutionizing the space sector, in particular by making it more accessible to private companies. Indeed, it becomes almost as easy (as long as you have the necessary funds) to send an object into orbit aboard a reusable rocket as it is to reserve a car. To test the tool (or to book a real launch…), it's Here.

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